Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where are the manners?

What ever happened to manners?

I was raised down south and in the south people have manners and are polite. As a child you are brought up to say Please, Thank You, Sir and Ma'am. We raise our children in the same way. You would never go onto someone else's property to play unless you were asked to be there. The kids here do that all the time!

I have noticed a lot that kids these days just don't care.
I took my son to the bus stop this morning and other (older) kids were there also - one of the older girls threw a plastic bottle into the road and I told her to 'go get it' (no cars coming) and the other kids as well as this girl just look at me like 'I don't think so, No or I don't have to listen to you' (I am the only other parent there at the bus stop). The other mom (not a mother to these older kids) asked 'who threw that?' and the girl spoke up and the other mom said 'go get it' and she did ~ I always get a look of defiance from these older kids.

It isn't just the kids, young people/adults are just as rude.

Ugh! I don't get it!

Hold doors for people.
Give up seats.
Let those inside the elevator exit before you enter.

Mind your telephone manners.

Introduce people.
Say please, thank you, and you're welcome.
Respect elders.

*Common Courtesy

This just saddens me, knowing I am trying to do right by my kids, but the way others act will also have an effect on them.

My friend told me I have anger issues and I do, but due to the lack of respect from others.


kim* said...

i think it's the time. things are so corrupted even more now.

KiWi said...

preach on, sistah. it's insane how manners have decayed in society.

Julie said...

Yup - Of course "ma'am" and "sir" are more southern traditions I think - I prefer for the kids to just call me Julie. Or Miss Julie works, too. :)

But please, and thank you, and you're welcome? those should be just second nature - but I think we learn those things by how the people around us treat others, y'know? Your kids are going to have good manners because that's what they see from you, and Moses's family, and hopefully our family (most of the time anyway ;))

And I could go on for *days* about how rude some people get when they have a cell phone attached to their ear!

StarvnRtist, what I am. said...

Julie dont get me started on the cell phone thing. Or maybe we could just blog about that together.