Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

We started out the week by buying the pumpkins - I have never spent $20 on pumpkins!!! Never!

I first cut a hole at the top and started pulling out all the guts - then I gave that job to Hoss, he thought it was gross. He really wanted to carve the pumpkin, but wasn't sure what he wanted: A car? A door? A scary face? Ended with a jack - o - lantern.
He did a great job poking holes right were I needed to cut. He was very excited with the end result, but then cried when the pumpkins had to go in the trash. Poor guy, his first pumpkin and we threw it away (shame on us!)

The husband, with no surprise, carved his vw truck onto his pumpkin and I did 3 ghost looking out a window (I should have scrapped it out more on the inside, I know better for next year).
We had 2 Halloween parties and we went to a spook alley, no need to go trick or treating. Here in small town USA, they do not really do the door to door thing, but have 2 main places for everyone to go, the mall and downtown. I am not one for crowds so we stayed clear of those.

The husband went as an US AirForce dude and might I say he was very good looking. I had to paint all the medals and pins on his costume, they looked good from a distance.

I went as an 80's chick, that was fun to do and by the way - what were we thinking back then?

Hoss went as a ghost musician: I made his guitar out of plastic corrugated coke ads (you can read how I did that several posts down).

Sprout went as a lil monster. The costume is big enough that if he wants he can wear it again next year.

~The pumpkins were carved and the candy was given out, another Halloween has come and gone.

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