Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gulf Coast trip (FL-MS) Dec10-Dec 21, 2009

Dec 19, 09 we finally put ma to sea. Her request was to be scattered at sea off a boat. The boat did not happen, but the 2nd best place to let her go was at her old apt. She loved that place and talked of it often.

This is the biodegradable shell that she and Friday (Friday was her dog, he was put down about 1 month before ma's death - he had a tumor that was out of control). Now they are forever together, I see ma and Friday walking in her Heaven....a beautiful, never-ending beach at dusk...just the two of them.

They floated for quite a bit after this.
The shell fills with water and eventually the ashes fall out and the rest eventually deteriorates.
This was a beautiful day. We had just enough people there to see her off.

I took Sprout to Dauphin Island to watch the sunset. It was beautiful.

This is under a pier in Fairhope.

A pelican and blue heron hanging out at ma's lil service.

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