Friday, December 4, 2009

What a past couple months it has been in this house.
1st - Ma dies.
And today Hubs comes home a lil early and says 'there is a reason I am home early'. VERB! (think about it).
We kinda expected it over the summer (his company was firing everyone left and right), but the past couple months have been ok. Boy, did we not see it coming. 2p this afternoon they fired him on 'lack of productivity' - what does that mean? or is it 'we cant think of anything else to fire you for, so we will make this up'. Hubs had his performance review last month and all was well...actually the past 5 years we have been with them all the reviews have been good. WTF?

Merry Christmas to us and oh yeah, dont let the door hit ya in the arse on the way out!

What's next??? Bad things come in 3's. Was it the loan that went to crap? Me slicing my finger open? HomeDepot raising their interests rate? Or is there something else to come?

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