Saturday, November 14, 2009


Flew to Alaska. All in all it was a 9.5hr flight.

I love the pines in Alaska, tall and thin. Very pretty.

Had the service for ma. It was sad. I cried. But I will not have closer til next month when we put her ashes to sea. There was a beautiful collage of ma that my stepmom put together (I picked the pictures and she put them together). I should have gotten a picture of it - my brother got identical frames and he will copy the pictures and we will have the same collage of ma.
Went threw ma's belongings...I took lots, brother took some and gave the rest to charity.

Fairbanks at night. Pretty and Real cold! People that live in Alaska are crazy!

Saw the beauty that was there. Saw a moose. Tried foods I otherwise would not have (elk, moose, reindeer, frog, king crab leg). Went to the North Pole which is south of Fairbanks. Saw the pipeline. Went to Chena Hot Springs and sat in snow in a swimsuit.

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