Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Are you ok with pictures???

I've been tired of finding gloves all over the house and none ever matching. Thought today that I ought to make a basket thing to hang on the wall to hold all the gloves. I already had a small plastic tote, the only problem is that it has a lip on it...using an xacto knife I was slicing the lip off and Oops! I missed!!! Immediately I jammed my thumb in my mouth (it might be gross, but it is something I have always done - if I cut my hand/fingers). Went to the kitchen to get a napkin to hold pressure to it and they blood was a flowing. Man did it HURT! I called an immediate care center here in town to see how deep a cut had to be to get stitches. I then told them that it was still bleeding after 10 min - they said 'C'mon in'.
The doctor asked me if I was ok with needles, I replied 'Yes, are you ok with pictures?' lol

This is after I got the numbing med and a tetanus shot. I felt the 2nd stitch! Ouch!!!

It was bleeding like a stuck pig which means it was bleeding out all the numbing meds. Here he is numbing it more so (cause I felt the 2nd stitch).

6 stitches later. The stitches come out after 10 days (Dr said 'tips of fingers...10 days'). This is going to be fun hauling luggage thru the airports and going thru boxes of stuff this/next wk.

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