Tuesday, November 3, 2009

12 week post-op Update

I've been doing aquacise 5x a wk at an hour each for the past month and I am only down 5Lbs! I will say part of that is due to ma's death and not eating right. They (Dr and nurse) were fine with just the 5 Lbs. A total of 43Lbs lost.

This is my gut with a 5-6inch needle in it. I got 2cc's for a total of 8cc's.
I asked my Dr about being in a food rut (I feel like I am not allowed carbs, but he said 'your body needs some carbs), how many calories should I be eating (I am eating about 1400 and he said that was fine). I asked about hair loss and he told me B12, zinc & iron. I told him I haven't been taking the vitamins because they all taste like candy to me (I HATE candy) - he told me to just smush up the regular stuff.
Here's to the rest of the day on clear liquids, tomorrow thicker liquids followed by thicker and thicker foods.
Lets hope the next 6 weeks go smoother, altho, I will be out of town next week and a week in Dec.

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