Monday, November 2, 2009

Today is okay

After writing the blog on ramblings...I felt better. Getting most of my thoughts down on paper (ok, ok - typing all my thoughts on a blog, even if no one out there in the World Wide Web reads it) it has helped me.

In a way, it helps that ma lived so far away and that I did not see her often nor talk to her often. In a way, that helps with her being gone today -
It also helps, that I do not think about it. I do not sit and just ponder. I get up - see Sparky off to work, get Hoss ready and off to school and then it is me and Sprout for 7 hours. Sprout has a way to get my mind off of it. Then I go to the gym (another hour of not thinking). When I am home with Sparky, he has a way to make me laugh - laughter is such good medicine.

Today - I am ok (still not focusing on her being gone). Today is ok. Thursday, I fly out to Alaska - Thursday is going to be tough. Friday worse and Saturday...well, I don't know what Saturday will bring; we are holding a service for her Saturday. All next week, I don't know---me and my brother have to go thru ma's things and decide on what we want and then I have to figure out HOW I am going to ship her things back. HOW much is it going to cost us? Will I be able to bring back everything I want? Will I have money left over? Can I do this?

Today is okay.

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