Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A much needed vaca

*sorry these are out of order.

Spring Break comes early in my lil part of the world. So, to get away from winter we headed to California.

I have always wanted to go to Alcatraz! It was so very neat to finally go there. 50% of the island and buildings are closed off to the public and all employees - it just isn't safe.

Chinatown! It would have been nice to get out and actually walk Chinatown, but after 3+hrs of walking around Alcatraz, we weren't up for it.

Another place I have always wanted to go...Winchester House! If you are into the paranormal you ought to know about this place.
Sadly, they don't allow pictures in the house :(

We started and ended our trip in Reno, NV - a good layover for such a long trip.

Virginia City is just outside of Reno, a must see if (again) you are into history and the paranormal.

The Pacific Ocean!!! Water, finally Water!!! Been landlocked for way too long.

We camped in wine country - I swear the area is the spitting image of the Happy Cow Commercials. Why would you choose to live in LA when you could live in wine country? Just BEAU-tiful!

The Golden Gate Bridge.

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courtney said...

great pics! Looks like you found some REAL springtime...yahoo! Hope it finds us here soon as well.