Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Review

A friend of a friend of a friend recommended this book, stating 'it's better than Twilight'. I questioned the fandom of said friend of a friend of a friend. I believe I said 'she must not have been much of a Twihard if she claims this is 'better than Twilight''. But was told otherwise.

Chapter 1 - ok, I see it, am somewhat enjoying it.

Chapter 2-15 *wants to bang head on wall*.
I swear I already read this book...oh wait I DID! It was titled Twilight and I rather enjoyed the book.

Just so you know what I am talking about:

Characters: Alice (Bella), Jack (a mix of Edward and Jacob), Ezra (Carlisle?), Peter (Rose), Milo, Jane(BFF - Jessica), Mae(Esme). --- this is the way I saw it.

Jack is super fast/strong.

ch2-saves her and her friend from an attack (of big guys) - drives them home.

his skin is smooth and temperature-less

he's rich - big ass house/5car garage (he drives a jeep, but a 'brother' drives a silver sports car).

money is no object.

saves her life multiple times

wants her to meet his 'family'

they argue, a lot

he's attractive/people 'react' to him

Alice - 'guesses' to what he is

Jack - 'in order for this friendship to work, yours just going to have to accept that there are certain

things that I am not going to tell you'.

Alice - 'what if I don't accept'

Jack - 'then we cant hang out.............I cant tell you why I cant tell you'.

Alice - 'it's going to frustrate me to no end'.

a rather annoying bff aka Jane
'observant'/'cryptic' - these words are used often in the 1st book.

DIFFERENCE - they text each other and her lil brother is gay

he has 2 brothers and a sis-in-law. 1 brother is the male version of Rose.

Alice - 'you're not going to tell me?--------------this doesn't seem fair'

he heals fast

Alice - 'you were bit, but there is hardly a wound, and you have super human strength, everything in the whole world wants me to have sex with you and you don't have a temperature!' (sound familiar?)

Jack doesn't exactly hide who he is, but he wont tell her either...he thinks himself a 'monster'. he hopes she will 'guess what he is'.

Chapters 2-15 was basically Twilight (IMO) but she 'made' her own book by changing some words, but the convo's were basically the same.

I told hubs 'it's as if the author took notes while reading Twilight and watching the movies'.

Finally midway through the book it becomes it's Own book. Ok, starting to enjoy it. Don't so much want to bang my head against a wall.

You get past the 'similarities' to Twilight and ALL the errors stand out. Missing words. No punctuation. Or a random letter behind a period.s PLEASE, if you can't afford an editor ask a friend to proof read your book before it goes into mass production. I finally got a pencil and started fixing all the issues in the book - JUST IN CASE, I feel the need to torture myself down the road by rereading these.

Book 2, Fate. Was enjoyable - still similar convo's between Edward and Bella - Oops, I mean Jack and Alice. Alice's little brother is turned because of a freak accident - she can't let him die, so the 'family' turns him. The ending was a bit of a surprise.

Book 3, Flutter - Now, the author has gone off the deep end. There are so many things happening that it's hard to see how they all relate. The ending...oy vey!

Just started reading book 4, Wisdom and as you can see - I am enjoying it so much *heavy sarcasm* that I decided to blog about it.

Conclusion I have come to thus far, Alice is an annoying and weak 18 year old. Her hormones are out of control - she doesn't know if she loves Jack or his 'brother' Peter (the one she bonded with). Jack is overbearing. Mae is going threw a midlife crisis, etc...etc...

So, to all ya'll that think I am being to harsh on this series - by all means go read them. Otherwise SAVE YOUR MONEY.

*I do not call myself a Twihard. I enjoyed the books and I enjoy the movies. I am very much in touch with reality.

Love ya Mel, like I said No Worries! :)

April 4, 2011 -
confession, I am on chapter 2 and I don't think I can finish. I am a 'start a series, finish a series', type person. Book 4, however, is just so R-E-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S...that it hurts.

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