Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Finds

There was an estate sale that started yesterday.

For some stupid reason I didn't go.
I didn't go after my girlfriend told me of all the Pyrex,
and I still didn't go after hubs told me of all the 'STUFF'.

Hubs went to it again today.
Girlfriend went to it again today and I was still like....Meh.

FINALLY I went and look what I got for $3.
Yes, I got 4 dinner plate w/ turquoise trim and a yellow, round casserole dish ALL for $3.

*bangs head on wall, wonders why I didn't go yesterday*


I looked under a couple of the plates when I got'em to make sure they were marked Pyrex.
They are all the same size.
They have the same pattern.
They are the same color.

Coming home from a girls night out, hubs took me into the kitchen to see if I noticed anything-
Yes, he actually did the dishes!
He told me to look close at the Pyrex plates and asked 'do you see anything different'?
No, Not really....
But looking closer, 1 of the plates has more of a blue tint to the pattern.
Also, it is stamped Anchor Hocking.

Look what my girlfriend gave me last night!
Same girlfriend that told me to hit up the estate sale.
She knows I just adore the Friendship.
She could have easily kept it for herself, but she gave it to me.

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