Sunday, August 12, 2012

Betty day 2

We went and got another '66 today (strictly parts and the body will become a 'toy' for the boys to play in - they are always wanting to get in the cars and push things).*no worries, gunna take the glass out so they wont break them or get stuck and overheat*

It has pop out windows (will put on Betty).  Hubs already swiped the trim and put on his.  We took the hood trim and put on Betty. Also, rain thingies that will go on Betty (over doors).

Anyway - Betty day 2:

rear view mirror is dn, but it was on w/ double sided tape. crap needs to be cleaned off. screws are out of the glove compartment thx to hubs :)
I washed her today. Need a hazmat suit and bleach to clean the inside.

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