Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bugs Day 12

Yesterday, hubs and I took out the motor to the red '66. He gave me a chore today, I had to remove 5 parts off the motor (so we can replace/clean and paint). I got all but the back board (is that what it's called? IDK) There are 5 screws/bolts that are hard to get to, unless you take the front of the engine apart (I thought about it).

I tried taking off the bumper braces (?) off last week, but they are 40+years old and STUCK, I broke one and gave up. Today though, I didn't want to just stop (I was in the mood for destruction). Went after them again and this time BROKE off the remaining 3 bolts (2 each side, and I didn't intend to break them) = SWEET! Now to take the back fenders off. Got most the bolts off the right side, minus 3 and I jimmied them off - making sure as to not bend or dent the fender. The left side I wasn't as patient with (it was all beat up anyway and when I tried the bolts they were loose, but wouldn't budge). So, with a very long flat head screw driver, I pried off the fender. LOL it was fun!

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