Monday, August 6, 2012

Do It Right the First TIme

Don't do it like I it right the first time, save yourself the trouble of re-doing it. In a previous post - I showed my almost finished penny island. I had used gorilla glue to attach the pennies <~don't do that. I hadn't epoxied it yet (cause it was winter when I had done it and it needed to 'air' out (smell), or so I thought. I took a paint scraper and pried up all the pennies. Cutting myself several times over. Then sanding the island. Cleaning. Repainting black (pennies show so much better against black).

Finally, I used a 2 part clear epoxy (I got it from a craft store because Lowes/Home Depot only sold a large bit). I taped off the edge of the island, I wasn't sure how the epoxy would move around. In the end, that wasn't needed. I pulled it off as soon as I saw that it was a moot point. I used a foam brush to help the epoxy move around and get into every crack/hole/spot and waited 3 days for it to dry hard.

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