Sunday, May 2, 2010

9.5 months out -

On Tuesday, I had my 9.5 month checkup with my lapband Doctor. My last appointment was 8 weeks ago, I figured I could lose - at most 16 LBS & as little as 7LBS. After 8 weeks I went in and was weighed...I lost a total of 1 (ONE) LB in 8 weeks!!! *not happy*

However, I have lost a total of 50LBS!

I feel better and I am doing more - which had I not, I would probably still be sitting on my fat butt. Had I not had the band who knows what I would weigh today???

I am grateful for the band. I just thought that I would be down 70-75LBS by now.

I have been using a scale to measure out 6oz of food each meal. My doctor was glad that I have been measuring my food, but he said a scale is not accurate...he wants me to measure it out with a measuring cup and ONLY have 1/2c per meal.

I go back in early June...

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PennilessCaucasianRubbish said...

Well done!! Go you!! 50lbs is amazing. Seriously. You rock.