Sunday, May 2, 2010

They were right!

I started walking last Fall. I can do 1.5 - 3 miles, depends on the mood. My hubby isn't shocked anymore when me and Sprout just 'show up' at work (a good mile and half away).

I was on FB (facebook) Friday and I saw a post from a girlfriend of mine. She said she was walking a 5k on Saturday and wanted to know of any friends doing the same.
I replied to her post sayin' "had I known of the 5k I would do it with you"...*phone rings* its my girlfriend she says I have til 8p that night to sign up for the 5k the following day.

*making a long story short - found out about the race on Friday and did the race on Saturday.


So, to all my friends that told me last Fall that they could see me doing a 5k within a year......You Were Right!!! An I want to do it again in June!

A couple of us got tired of waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the starting line, so we walked back; not the exact route, but we still walked all the way back.


Bubba said...

You ROCK my friend!! I had so much fun yesterday and I'm excited to get out there with you in June. Let's DO this!!

AmyC ~ said...

Im really looking fwd to June!