Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jus' tryin' to do good

So, I woke up Friday morning and all I could see were all the toys that did not go at the yard sale we had a couple weeks back. I feel closed in, I want to be released! To be FREE!

A thought occurred to me: I could take all these things to Goodwill or I could take them to the pediatrics wing of the hospital for the sick kids. *light bulb*

So, I called the hospital and found out what kids (sex/age) were there and I found the proper toys for them. I even went to the Dollar Store to buy for a 13y/o girl (girls that age don't play with hot wheels or dolls)...I picked up a cute little purse and some nail polish, nail bling, eyeshadow, etc...


When my brother and I were younger - there were a couple Halloweens where we & ma would dress in our costumes and take candy to the kids at the hospital (where she worked).

So - When hubs came home I told him what I did and he is totally on board (I knew I married a good man!)

I have 2 totes full of toys I plan on taking to the ped wing. *the nurses there told me that I can bring it all in and when a child has a procedure or just before they go home, they can look threw the toys and take something home.

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PennilessCaucasianRubbish said...

Nice! Well done again!