Sunday, May 30, 2010

more ink...

Today May 29 would be ma's birthday. Since the day she died, I told myself that I wanted to get a tattoo to remember her has taken me 7 months to come up with a design that both hubs and I agreed on.

Ma was big into the water, beach, ocean and anything and everything related to. Many images came to mind when thinking of what to get, but none 'fit' in, she liked all those things, but me not so much. 3 weeks ago I was going to get a Pagan symbol for mother (a stick figure with a belly), I was also going to put a little blue heart inside said belly. Then, I changed up everything and designed this:

My tat artist Benjamin at Three Six Tat.

I was worried about the PAIN. Was surprised that this tat (on my inner right wrist) was pleasant compared to my 1st tat on my ankle.

It is a Heart (duh) with a mom holding her 2 kids...the mom has a halo. I had first designed it with only the 1 kid (to make the heart), but it didnt feel right because I have a brother and also I have 2 kids. I added the smaller and BAM! Tattoo.


courtney said...

That looks awesome! I love that you designed it yourself and I think it's so fitting all the way around. :)

AmyC ~ said...

Thx Court!

Bubba said...

What a beautiful design Amy! Love it! :)