Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm not just a pretty face

...but I can draw & paint too.

My girlfriend was looking to get one of those vinyl sticker things for her wall (son). But through research she found that they don't stick well to textured walls.
I told her I could paint the image on her wall, for a cheaper price than the stickers and she wouldn't have to worry that it comes unstuck. (She bought the paint + my time)

Yesterday, we spent 5 1/2 - 6 hours painting (she would help with blocking in).

I did Spider-man on one wall facing the city on another. The city has water with the building reflecting. There is also glow in the dark paint on the windows (we weren't sure about the windows, but once I added a few - I cant imagine it without).

I go back on Tuesday to do final touch ups and detail work.

I used an overhead projector to get Spider-man on the wall (I had sketched out an image a couple weeks before - Had I free handed on the wall, I think I would still be there).

***So, I didn't make it back today due to a freak blizzard. Tomorrow or Friday is now the plan***

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courtney said...

It's amazing!! And well worth the wait for the projector I might add. I bet he won't even be able to sleep because he'll be so excited to stare at the walls. SO COOL!