Monday, November 1, 2010

A Day Late...

When did Halloween become such a long Holiday?

I love Halloween as much as the next, but 3 day trick or treating and party after party after party = Oy Vey.

Here me and the boys are ready to trick or treat downtown (it's something they do here in small town USA - the downtown businesses get ready for the hoard of monsters, goblins and ghouls to take over; to fend them off they hand out crack.....I mean sugar a.k.a candy).

Hoss as the bloody skeleton w/ swirly face, Sprout the lil Dino or Monster and me as Confused - I'm a witch, I'm goth, I'm a clown, I'm a vampire victim, I'm a fairy = IDK. I was unique.

I pulled Hoss out of school a little early so we would hopefully miss the crowd of monsters (It worked! However, they did start coming out of the woodwork, hence 2 pictures).

An the final party of the weekend - well, we had a party to go to, but even with Mapquest we still got lost. Ended up doing a little trick or treating and then coming home to get ready to go to our neighbors party.

Hubs went as Hancock and I, the Vampire.


José said...


You could have add a blood mark on his neck :-)

Best regards,


AmyC ~ said...

ah, I could have! Darn!!! Oh well...there is always next yr.