Friday, October 29, 2010

Night Crawlers

I was watching Studio5 out of Salt Lake City the other day (, they always have wonderful tips, tricks, crafts, recipes and ideas on their show).

They also preview ideas from blogs and this one I had to try. You can get the instructions here, (again, I f I knew how to do the nifty 'you can read that HERE' I would do it, but I don't so...)

I can't think of anything (besides spiders) that would gross me out more. I am not afraid or scared of worms, but just thinking back to the garage Halloween party I went to as a kid *dream sequence* (there were different bowls with different items in each, you couldn't see anything, but you had to put your hand in or on something and feel it (grapes = eyeballs, cooked spaghetti = intestines, etc). If I had stuck my hand in a bowl of these, I think I would have run screaming.

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