Monday, October 18, 2010


I took Hoss to preschool several years ago and found this beauty hanging out. Hoss's teacher said we could have him because she was afraid of cats (I know, right!)

We had Herbie (the large black cat) for a few months and then I brought home BumbleBee (Hoss named both).

For 3 fun years we enjoyed Herbie. It's been a month now that he has been missing.

Did he catch a ride with the neighbors daughter without her knowing and now he can't find his way home (it happened before and she brought him back).

He is a loving kitty. Friendly. Has stripes and a white undercoat. Has a knot on the top of his head and I miss every bit of him. He is also rather large (tall).

We miss you Herbie and hope that you come home soon.

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Kasie West said...

Aw, that's sad. I hope he comes home. They're both adorable.