Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Southern Favorite

As a child growing up, I always hated Pimento Cheese Sandwiches (and Down South, it is hard to avoid them - served at most bridal showers, baby showers, family gatherings along with chicken salad sandwiches).

I think my hatred with it was my moms recipe, I swear that she made hers with the store bought spread and mixed that with cottage cheese. She hated cottage cheese, but this was the only time I ever saw her eat it. (gross, right?)

So, when I moved to the PNW as an adult and finally met friends and then started having MNO's (Moms Night Out) - I found a love for the light orange spread. It was at one of these MNO's when a girlfriend of mine served Pimento Cheese Sandwiches (she was also a transplant to the PNW). She offered me a sandwich and I promptly refused, 'I hate the stuff', I proclaimed. But she wouldn't let that be...I gave in, tried it and WhatDoYaKnow? It was so good!

I tried making it once and it was awful! (I used Miracle Whip rather than Mayo, it was nasty. I waited for other MNO's to get my fix).

It's gotten better over the had to. My friend moved, I had to figure it out.

This is my recipe, with most of my recipes - everything is to taste (that's helpful, right?).

1 small jar pimentos, I cut mine up a little more.

In a medium bowl, mix together: (here I am using my DBD {Death By Dishwasher} Amish Butter-print Pyrex bowl, turquoise and white, #403 2 1/2 QT)

Shredded Sharp Cheese about a LB.
Fresh Ground Pepper

It's the Southern way to trim the crust off your regular ol' white bread (this amount will take 1 loaf).

Spread a little of the mix onto 1 side of the bread, top with the other piece and then cut into triangles.

Not for a calorie counter, fat hater or carb hater.

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