Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Been 1 Hell of a Year

It all started 1 year and 2 weeks ago. What happened you ask? My great uncle passed away (heart attack). Then it all came home to me 2 weeks later (Oct 23, 09) I received a phone call from my brother (other calls and txt came before this final call) All he said was 'she's dead'. My brother isn't much for sugar coating anything.

1 Year ago today, around 4p I found out that my ma was found dead (stroke/heart attack).

A couple months later my little cousin went to the hospital (she was in here early 20s), she had been in and out of hospitals all her life. But this time, she didn't come home. She died unexpectedly around 7a the next day.

A couple weeks after this, my grandfather died (ma's dad). He was old and had several (double digit) strokes over the past couple years.

From this time on, me and my sister-in-law would notify each other if family, or friend, or someone the family knew had passed. I stopped counting after 12 (12+ in 1 year). Morbid, yes...but that's me.

Anyway, it's been 1 hell of a year.

Things have gotten better...they aren't great, but better.

All week I had been getting more and more depressed as the days went by (not looking forward to today). Yesterday was bad...I had been trying not to think about it and trying not to cry. Last night though the tears ran. I happened across an email from ma (I wasn't looking for it, I thought I was clicking my SPAM folder, but what opened was the DRAFT folder with an email from her). I was fine, until hubs asked how I was doing and I told him about the email (not about reading it, just happening across it).

The beer (I know, I know) the beer helped too.


Bubba said...

Your post made me tear up...thinking of you today. I miss my daddy (it will be 10 years on Dec 27th) ~ been putting a scrapbook together so my kids can know him a bit. Whenever I run into a note or something he cared about, it tugs at my heart too. Love & hugs to you. :)

AmyC ~ said...

Thx Bubba, means a lot. :)