Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Crochet Party of Sorts

Last night me and a few girlfriends had a little crochet party. A couple had been taught by their mom or grandmother, but forgot. Others wanted to learn.

I can't tell you how much fun it was. Just us girls sitting there, talking, laughing & crocheting. It was extremely relaxing too.

Back story -

As a kid my mom or grandma's would try to teach me to crochet.

I remember sitting in my 5th grade Science class crocheting (I don't recall why I was doing it there, but I was).

But like most...I too forgot.

Then after having my first son, Hoss. I wanted to learn. When I found out that we (Hubs, Hoss and myself) would be moving to a colder climate, I really wanted to learn).

It was in a Joann's store. Ma was with me. She was coming along to show me what I needed to buy. While she and I were standing in the yarn isle, she opened a hook pack and grabbed the yarn and started showing me what I needed to do. How to make the first little loop. How to chain. How to add on, etc...(I don't know the technical terms).

That Christmas all my gifts to friends and family were crochet hats.

So, last night while chatting with the girls I started a hat for me. I had an idea as to what I wanted it to look like - the finished product isn't exact to that idea, but I like it nonetheless.

I dolled it up a little with a felt flower I made (from leftover fabric I had from slip-covering hubs truck seat).

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