Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweats = Costume

I love to use regular ol' sweats and transform them into a costume, it helps that they are cheap.

I free handed all this with fabric paint (minus the heart that is made out of felt, check another post, Sept '10).

No, it isn't perfect and Yes, that is bothering me (I'm a perfectionist when it comes to creativity).

I took strips of white felt to cover the front part of the ribs (kind of a 3D look).

Hoss wanted to be bloody (I guess it's his age...7 yrs). I added waaay more blood than I thought I would (was completely against blood and gore).

I LOVE how the shirt came out!
Unfortunately, he wont be able to wear it to school, but around town will be ok.


courtney said...

Oh that's so gross. I bet he's thrilled! :)

It looks really great!

AmyC ~ said...

gross = good? lol yeah, he likes it. Im shocked at how much I like it.