Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh Bloody 'ell

We had a couple Halloween parties to go to this past Saturday night.

I fully intended on going as 'can't decide' (clown outfit, witch hat, funky wig, fairy wings and vampire makeup)...I still have a couple days where I can go as that, and I might still.

Anyway, Saturday I changed my mind and was going to go as my default - a witch. Hubs saw the costume (a witch gown that ma made back in the 90s), said it was Gothic. He said I should go as a vampire (something I had never been).

I even went and got me fangs (Vampire fangs, fangtastics)- they were a waste of money. The denture adhesive didn't work well and the teeth broke (I exchanged them for another pair and those too broke).

Anyway, putting on my heavy makeup (I felt so pretty, I don't usually wear a lot of makeup).

The purpose of this blog:

If I was going as a vampire I was going to do it right and have blood staining my mouth.

I didn't want to use blood red makeup, I wanted it to run and look as if I had just fed. I used KoolAid to make the blood. About 1/4 tsp KoolAid powder and a couple drops water. I used a toothpick to have it run from my mouth - I thought it was cool looking (hubs thought the blood was a little much - really?!?).

What I learned --- KoolAid stings when on the skin (makes you wonder what it does to your insides if it stings the skin), tastes good though and the real stains! 2 days later and I still have blood stains around my mouth.

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