Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chewy, Yummy, Goodness

Trying my hand at chewy granola bars.

It seems pretty simple actually. I used the recipe from:
(if I knew how to do the - you can see that 'HERE' link thingy, I would use that, but I don't so you have to cut and paste...the ol'school way).

The hardest part was trying not to eat the ingredients while I waited for the nuts and coconut to toast.

I didn't use the exact ingredients that A.Brown used. I used sun flower seeds, pecans, peanuts, coconut and chocolate chips (of course, the chips melted as I mixed everything worries). I also put everything on a cookie sheet (too big, should have used a smaller pan).

The syrup that you melted down, will not look like enough to bind everything, but it is.

I used my large, balloon chip bowl (Pyrex 444) to mix everything.

From licking the bowl and the spoon, I can tell you that it is very yummy!

I cut mine with a pizza cutter and since they are homemade they are not perfect. I got about 24 out of this one mix.

You could also just buy the mixed grains/chocolate if you want, but if you read the ingredients there are lots of 'extras' in it.

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ana @ i made it so said...

this looks so good! and with a side of pyrex, bonus ;)