Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Herbie is HOME!!!

3 years ago, Hoss's teacher gave us a beautiful black cat. He was so big, we would joke that he was a miniature panther.

Just about a month ago, he went missing. We posted on Craigslist, put signs up and asked neighbors/friends if they had seen him = nuthin'.

Today I took Sprout to school (the same school that Hoss attended) and as I am walking to the door, I see a beautiful black cat. I call out 'Herbie?' and he slowly - this is so him - SLOW! - (he sits in the road in front of the house and cars stop and wait for him to cross, it's pathetic). He gives me a lil 'Me-ow'.
I pick him up and am smiling from ear to ear.

To make a long story short, Herbie had been there for about a month and thankfully they fed him. He is home now. Hoss is going to be very excited when he gets home, just as Hubs was when I let Herbie in the house.

He isn't taking to BumbleBee to well at the moment, but he has been on his own for a month or so now...they need time.

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