Sunday, July 12, 2009

11 days out.

Friday was interesting...I hadn't felt well when I woke up and by the time hubby came home I was running a high fever...the fever stayed around yesterday morning altho it wasn't as high. Today I feel fine, however, I am HOT due to the temp outside...I get rather grumpy when I am hot (you can ask hubby).

Anyway, a lil update:

I have old maternity clothes that I still wear, shorts really - only cause they are so comfy and also, I paint in them so they are colorful. Anyhow - 1 mth ago they fit!!! Yes, yall - they fit! Might have been a tad tight? I dunno....anyway, I put them on today and they are LOOSE! Seriously, there is extra space in there, not much...but maybe a couple inches?

I also have these shorts I bought, they were 1 size too big when I bought them (PMSing). Last wk I had to take them in cause they kept falling down. I took maybe a couple 3 inches in and they are still loose enough where I can just pull'em down w/o undoing them.

I have my 2 wk chkup this Wed., we will see how that goes.

*FOOD - I've been on a thick liquid diet this wk, not bad, but it is hard to get all 3 protein drinks down w/ added protein powder.
I've had fastfood too - the pinto's and cheese from Taco Bell - that 1 lil bit they serve fills me up!!! Awesome!

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