Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paintin Fool -

Our dining room like the rest of our house was a dull color - plain beige - had no life, no being.

I painted the living room this past May. I was planning on using the same poppy red on the far wall of the dining room (you walk into our house and the far dining room wall is what you see). But hubby wanted orange (he wanted the poppy red wall to be orange, but I could not commit to that much heat - oranges and reds are hot colors, just like blues, greens and purples are cool colors).

Me and the boys went to the store yesterday morning and I got PAINT! I picked a field poppy (orange, looks more like a burnt orange than a California poppy to me tho) and a pale yellow (Beautiful Blonde) - to go on the other 3 walls and ceiling of the dining room.

As soon as I got done with the 1st coat of orange, I knew I loved it!

Painting the pale yellow, just brightened the room more. I went to stand by the front door to see what it would look like and the 1 thing that I noticed is that you can actually tell that there is a 2nd room there - rather than just 1 really long room. It looks so much better - IMO.

I also picked up a cream for the upper cabinets in the kitchen, a dark olive for the lower cabinets (we have black and stainless in the kitchen and I figure dark cabinets - rather than the honey color they are - would look so much better) and a pistachio green to repaint the kitchen walls (I painted them a couple yrs ago, but I dont like the green - too much like a sea foam green than the jade/pistachio I was originally going for...Now I have pistachio).

I am going to be a paintin fool this week. :)

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