Friday, August 28, 2009

1 foot in front of the other

I am suppose to be exercising 1 hour a day 5 days a week. I have yet to do so, first I was waiting for Hoss to start school, so that I would actually have the time to do it (probably explains a little WHY I got fat in the first place). Anyway, I know I need to do something...anything is better than nothing, right?

Monday was the first day of school here. I dropped Hoss off at school and then I walked to pick him up! Not only did I walk to his school, but I also then walked to hubby's job to take him lunch and then I had to walk back home = 3.13 Miles!!! I haven't walked that far at 1 time since maybe Navy Boot Camp in '98.

Wednesday, Sprout grabbed the stroller (the stroller we use my folks bought while in Germany with my older brother). Anyway, he grabbed the stroller and said 'wide' (for those of you that don't speak 3 year old he said ride). So, we headed down the street and walked to Goodwill and then to Fred Meyers, made it to the main road there and turned around = 2.46 Miles.

Sprout did this again yesterday, but I took the day off.

This morning he grabbed the stroller and said 'wide', we headed out the door and turned right - destination hubby at work. Got to work and hung out for a few when hubby tells me that there is an antique shop that I need to check out. We got in the car (hubby sometimes takes my car to work). Went to the antique shop and then dropped the car back off with hubby and walked home = 3 Miles!!! Man it feels good to get out and walk. I hope that I can keep it up at least til it snows (ugh, that's a 4 letter word).

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