Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Sunday, another road trip

Challis or Salt Lake City? The answer---Neither. Too lazy to drive the 3 hours 1 way to Challis and been there done that on SLC.

Ended up driving down to Bear Lake. There are some really cute little towns between here and there, with some beautiful old buildings? Why do we love old buildings so much? Is it the beauty? The history? I don't know the answer I just know that we love them so.
Bear Lake, Ut - the lake even has waves, wasn't expecting that. The water was a beautiful blue - too bad that didn't show on camera.

Stopped in a campground to play in the water and ended up taking a (what I think) is a pretty darn good picture of hubby. The light is working here.

Lately i have been into taking pictures with the sun shinning threw. I like the star burst effect it offers.

Just another Sunday, just another drive...Where will we end up next week?

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