Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Roadside find -

Out junking this past Saturday and saw this by the road. It is missing 1 drawer...no matter.

Spent yesterday sanding and priming.

Today, I painted it a turquoise color. Went to the store, but could not find the color I wanted - came home and mixed colors that I already had.

Went to JoAnn's and got this nice piece of lace-ish stuff. It has a organic (leaf) pattern to it.

Here I am spraying on white paint. I had sprayed on purple and white, but it looked really BAD. I repainted the turquoise and then put the fabric back down and then painted again - White.

The pattern did not take 100%, but if you want, you can say that it has a worn look to it.
Kinda is a Tiffany box color (turquoise and white).

Here is the completed piece minus the top shelf (making the top 2 drawers into a shelf).

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