Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just another Sunday drive -

We decided to go on a little road trip today - we left home at noon heading west to Twin. When we get to Twin we see this sign...Hmmm, I wonder how far Sun Valley is from here?
We turn left and head into town. We didn't do anything, just drove around looking at stuff. We kept going...45 min later we were in Jackpot, NV - if anyone ever asks you to go to Jackpot, Just. Say. No. the only thing there is like 5 casinos and 1 gas station.

Turned around heading back to Twin. Stopped for lunch. Then headed North 1 hr to Sun Valley.

Sun Valley! It is very pretty - like a smaller Jackson Hole, WY.

We got back home at 10p. It was an unexpected trip today, but fun - going places we have never been and seeing things we have never seen.

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