Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fire King/Anchor Hocking Azurite or Turquoise Blue

What a find! 3 weeks ago we were out doing our usual junking...went thru a fairly new neighborhood - while driving I told hubby 'I see old boxes'. LOOK what I found:

You see that right - 18 piece Turquoise Blue in box. There are 3 pieces that have small chips, but it is not from use, it is from being moved from place to place. 1 corner of the box is loose - the glue is no longer.
I don't think I have made a find like this while out junking in a long while.

The creamer and sugar still have the stickers in them.

I came across and bought a creamer about 6 years ago while at The Worlds Largest Yard Sale in Aug '02.

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AzureChina said...

Thats really cool! Awesome find! I loved reading that you don't throw anything out in your bio! That is so me! It's true... bound to use it somehow! haha.. I used the elastic from an old sheet in one of my purse designs... its actually really cute!

Great meeting you can't wait to read more!

<3 AzureChina