Thursday, July 8, 2010

Im not Italian! (not that there is anything wrong w/ that)

Hoss asked me the other day if I was making pasta. My reply to that was 'maybe' (it is something I have always wanted to try).

This is my first and possibly last attempt at making homemade pasta.

I know from watching LOTS of t.v. that in order to make pasta you start with a 'well'. This here is my 'well':

2 cups flour
2 eggs
a little water
a little olive oil
dash of salt

(makes a bunch of pasta)

I know (again, from watching lots of t.v.) that you put all your ingredients in the center and mix, slowing pulling in the edges til you can break it without making a huge mess.

After mixing and kneading I put the ball of dough to the side to 'rest'. It rested for about one and a half hours (I took a little nap - Oops). It developed a little crust on it, but I worked with it anyway.

I cut the ball into fourths and then into eighths. Taking each little piece and rolling it out til I could almost see threw it.

The stuffing mixture was 4 baby portobella (sauteed w/ salt, pepper and garlic powder) , frozen spinach and half ricotta cheese - and salt to taste.

Taking one of the rolled out sheets and placing a dollop of the stuffing mix in the center. With water I went around the pieces (seeing little squares in my head).

I pulled over one side to make little pillows. Pressing down to seal the edges and then cut.

Boiled in salted chicken water (I boiled off some chicken to go along with)...More flavor.

I go through the hassle of making homemade pasta and use store bought Alfredo sauce (sad).


So, I made homemade pasta. Probably wouldn't have taken as long had I not stopped to take pictures here and there (hehe, but that's me).

It was time consuming. I am not patient enough to Make. Each. Individual. Pasta Pillow Thingy.

It was good though. In order for me to make it again though...they are going to have to ask real nice like. I am more of a one pot recipe kinda girl.


Lilith MacRoberts said...

Dear lord, I should have used your method of stuffing the pasta pillows.

My husband INSISTED we do it all by hand (including grinding the meat for the filling) and let me tell you, three hours to prepare one meal is for the birds!

AmyC ~ said...

Deff. for the birds!

Dyche Designs said...

Wow, I bet it tasted great. I'm useless in the kitchen.

Brooke said...

Pasta is one delicious dish. When I travelled to Argentina, I learnt a lot about it since it is a country that has many Italian descendants and they really know how to prepare it. I went to a lot of restaurants and I also cooked it at one of the furnished apartments in buenos aires I had rented. Now I cook for my whole family and they can´t understand how is it that I know so much about the sauces and everything, I tell them: just take a trip to Argentina and you´ll see!