Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just joined the dog owner club...

This here is Jazz.

Hubs and I have been talking for awhile now of getting a dog for the boys. I was looking at the local Humane Society and when I saw this little critter, well he stole my heart.

Hubs and I agreed - smallish dogs ONLY!

Found this little guy and well.....

Me and the boys went to 'meet' him today with strict orders from hubs 'DO NOT COMMIT TO ANYTHING!' (he doesn't know me to well do he? lol)

I asked if I could take the dog to hubs work so that he could meet him.....then basically told hubs it was a done deal. (Just between you and me, he already loves him).

Hoss didn't want to come inside this afternoon (like he has all Summer long) he wanted to stay out with Jazz. Yay!



Drunk Negativity said...

Two young lads and a small dog!! Mom of the year or crazy lady down the street, which will you be my dear friend?

AmyC ~ said...

crazy lady !

emmarie Designs said...

Cute dog!!!