Thursday, July 15, 2010


What to do with all those receiving blankets you get (or take) from the hospital or what friends/family give you/hand down to you???

I was shocked to see just how many blankets we had. I've kept them, telling myself that 'one day I will do something with them'. Well, that day was yesterday (what else is there to do on a B-E-A-U-tiful, July, Sunny, Warm day? Stay in and sew, sew, sew).
*I have a lot of extra miscellaneous material too...just sitting there taking up space.

The blankets are not all the same size...some had to be cut down.

(I don't have a iron or ironing board *gasp*, I used painters tape to hold down the seams---the tape just peels right off)

Ugh...pulling out the seams (I can't tell you how many times I had to do this).

Sewing some more...

Sprouts 'new' blanket. I said I have lots of miscellaneous material or flat sheets that I don't use...ever.

My 'new' blanket.

I also made a 'new' blanket for Hoss, using leftover flannel material and misc stuff.
Hubs will also (I say 'will' because I am currently working on his). I am using a yellow blanket that we got from his grandparents (it's been stowed away for 10+ years...never used). With some more (yes, MORE) receiving blankets to back this yellow beast...that will be his.

I did not use any batting, I did not want these to be that heavy. Just something for a cool Summer night.
*I still need to tack all of them down.

These will be great to toss on the ground for a picnic or just to lay out on.

I am no seamstress...this is just another talent I got from ma.

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