Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This time I knew I was dreaming...

This time I knew I was dreaming, but...

-Lately I wish that I could just pick up the phone and call her.

I have not been thinking of these little things. The only thing I think about is wanting to talk to her...not these little figurines.

*back story - many, many years ago - ma and I would buy each other fairy and angel figurines.

To the dream-

In the dream...I was at a book store. I started to walk. My arms are raised out (on the sides) and then not feeling anything grab or hold me...I was lifted up and carried swiftly to an isle and set down (I was lifted and carried, but then again I was also floating? walking? on a bed of feathers).

So, I was put back down and I was facing an angel figurine (set atop a bookshelf) and it was holding a little plaque that read 'PROUD'.

In my head I simply said 'Thanks mom'.

*it's the little signs that I get that help me realize that she (although no longer walking this earth, but in Heaven strolling her never ending beach. At dusk. With her dog, Friday, by her side) that she is still with me/looking out for me/thinking of me.


Julie said...

Hello, I'm a new follower. Great post.

Bubba said...

What a great dream! She's definitely sending her love to you. :)