Friday, December 31, 2010

A Few Favorites...

It came out in '09, but we just saw it this year, Planet 51. I just adore this movie. I love all things 1950. I love the music. I love the whole concept of this film. When Rover squishes the insect, that cracks me up every time - 'planet full of aliens and you send back pictures of rocks'.

Going the Distance is another favorite movie of mine. Hubs and I had A Lot Like Love as our go to romantic comedy...but after watching Going the Distance - I don't know, it's a close call.

Star Trek, Iron man 2, Sherlock Holmes, How to Train Your Dragon and Eclipse (can't leave that out).
*we love a good movie.

Went camping, with great friends, in the Palisades which was a nice stay-cation for us. It's amazing how the geography changes just a couple hours from here.

Finally, was able to go to Alcatraz, Winchester House, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco and Petaluma, Ca - Beautiful - I absolutely love it there!

Lake Tahoe

Virgina City


These are just a few of my favorites of 2010.

What were some of yours?

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