Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a Southern Thang

Every January 1 we have the same meal: ham, greens, black eye peas and cornbread.

As a child growing up down south, I had the same meal, as did my folks and theirs and theirs. It's a tradition.

There is a reason we eat this to bring in a New Year.

The black-eyed peas represent coins. Collards (or other greens like turnip greens or cabbage), represents paper money. Cornbread represents gold. Together it all means - good luck and good health in the coming year.

*Jus' so ya know, canned collards or frozen are just as good.

If you have time this New Years Day, try this out!

It's Simple.

It's Cheap.

It's Freaking Awesome!

If it sucked we wouldn't make it a tradition.

*I've been told that I have a mean cornbread recipe that has turned non believers.

Also, add a pinch of pepper flake to the greens and also dash of pepper sauce will make all the difference!

For New Years Eve, growing up, we would ALWAYS have a can of re fried beans with pepper jack cheese melted in (lots!) and eaten as a dip with chips. When I got married, hubs wasn't buying it and asked if I would make him Rotel and Velveeta - which I have done every years since, along side my re friend beans and cheese, of course.

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