Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shirts and Stickers

I am working on, what I think, are some pretty awesome Christmas gifts for my husband. He will not see these coming!

Hubs has great ideas, but when we look for them online, we can't find it (which is good and also bad. Good because there will be few if any others out there and bad because they are not readily available).

There is a print shop here in town, Alston Ink (http://www.alstonink.com) - they do custom work (Sa-weet!). I went to them today with hubs ideas and they are bringing these ideas to life!

If this works out, I can see many trips to A.I. to get other things made.

Now, the title is Shirts and Stickers (most of yall wont think those as great ideas for Christmas), but hubs loves bumper stickers and he also loves unique shirts.

The shirts will be One of a Kind and the stickers...well, we looked online for _____ stickers and could not find any, anywhere! So, I told the shop my idea and they are making it!

I put my orders in today and they should be ready by the 21st. Awesome! I will post after Christmas with pictures. He's going to love it.

*if you are wondering, he doesn't blog nor does he read mine - so, it's ok. :)

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