Monday, May 2, 2011

10 Hours Later

...this is old news.
But I am proud, YES PROUD to say that Osama bin Laden
(Binny, as I affectionately have called him for near 10 years now)
is DEAD.
Yes, D-E-A-D!
It came out via social media/tv that the President (Obama)
was doing a rare (b/c it was so late)
National Security Speech LATE Sunday night.

For a good hour or more the news stations were telling us
that the President would announce that Binny was dead.

I think it's funny that the news folks were telling us to expect the President to announce something that they have been talking about for over an hour.
So, when Obama did come on, he just confirmed it. :)

Lots are happy (including myself),
but you have those that say
'he (Obama) didn't do anything...he was on a phone, etc...'

To that I say
Pish Posh,
'He was able to do something that others could not'.

My question to you is:
Where were you when you heard?

I was watching FoodNetwork and thought nothing of the speech Obama was said to hold (I mean, I never watch those anyway).
Hubs was on Facebook and after a post from a friend he said
'turn it on, turn it on...Binny s dead'.

My hat is off to you, President Obama and to all our service people - may ya'll come home soon and be safe.

I was excited to tell Hoss the good news (we got the bad guy).
My thoughts are w/ the families of 9-11, I hope they have a sense of ease.
I hope our troops come home soon.
I know the war is not over and will not be over
as long as the extremist are still out there.

I find it very cool that the baseball game was PA vs NY in the 9th, tied at 1/1 (9-11).
NY was hit hardest, but a plane went down in PA too as well as The Pentagon.

***I'm gunna keep posting to this as thoughts/feelings come to me***

I am stuck on the news much as I was near 10 years ago, but this time it's Happy News.

10 years ago, hubs called to tell me about the planes (at the time, only 1 plane had hit).
Last night hubs told me to turn on the news.

Funny "BREAKING NEWS" interrupts Hoda (sp) and Kathy Lee.

Still in death, we treated him with more respect than he has ever treated us.
Per the Muslim religion...
a burial happens within 24hrs of death.
With this, our service people-
gave him a water burial at sea.
(at sea, because no 1 country would want to have him on their land)

May 3, 2011 (1 day later)
It's funny-
Yesterday, MOST (98%) of Facebookers were joyous of his death.
a good part of that percent are backtracking-
making comments like:
'I never wish for someone to die'
'It's sad a soul was lost'

I, for one, am exuberant that this EVIL Man is Dead.
May he burn in Hell.
I am not sad.
I am not sad for his family (they knew the evil he was and yet did nothing to stop him).
*Yes, some of his family disowned him, but not all*
I am not dancing on the street.
I am not singing about it.


Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

They SAY they gave him a burial at sea, I'll believe that when they release the film.

I was watching Celebrity Apprentice & surfing the web. The boyfriend was painting. Nothing special.

Miranda said...

I don't dance in the streets only because we are better than that. Did we glue ourselves to the tv at 11pm after a text from a friend? Yes. Did I tell Aidan how happy I was because of what happened? yes. I most definitely am glad/joyous/relieved that he is dead. I'm sure their will be retaliation, but who cares. We got him! Even God said that it is better that one man dies than thousands die because of him. I can't hardly believe the self-righteous aren't glad he isn't here anymore.