Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 1 Week 3

After the first week, I asked my girlfriend-
'How am I s'pose to run a 5k, if I am winded after jogging 1.5min?'
Know what she told me?
She said 'when starting out, jog slow - even if that is just above your walking speed'.
So, I've been doing that and ya know what...
it helps!
Week 2 and my last jog (of day2 and day3)
- I could jog for 6mins. straight.
This week:
switch between walking 3min,
jog 3 min,
walk 1.5min,
jog 1.5min -
(finishing my last jog at 5.5min - just the way it happened)
do this for 20 min.
START and FINISH w/ a 5min walk = 30min in all.
Tomorrow will be Day2 Wk3.

My girlfriend said she was happy for me and asked what 5k we would be doing.
I told her a 'flat one, no hills!'


Deana said...

Good for you! I am starting the dreaded excersis thing today and you have really helped to motivate me:)

AmyC ~ said...

I am actually enjoying it.
Today will be Day3 Week3.