Friday, May 6, 2011

My Father-In-Laws Birthday Gift to Me, but Don't Tell'em

There wasn't anything else that I wanted.
A pink/orange poppy, my favorite flower.
I found an image online and semi-traced it and then did my own thing to it.

A lil ladybug, it's so cute - I Love It!
It's itty bitty.
On my right shoulder.
This is mine, I drew it.

Touching up tat #2 from last year, a couple spots didn't take.

Out of the 4 that I have:
left ankle,
right inner wrist,
back of the neck,
right shoulder...

The wrist = licked on by kittens.
the neck = OUCH!
the ankle = could possibly cry.
the shoulder = not bad.

Looking for a tattoo and you live in the Tater state,
check out True Tattoo off Center and 2nd.


Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water said...

I am a tattoo virgin :/ I reeeally want one but I keep changing my mind about what I want. And I am so anal that if it isnt perfect I might freak out. *sigh*

AmyC ~ said...

I think thats why I draw mine. That way I get what I WANT. The poppy was done 3x! He did it once very light (what I sad I wanted). Then he went over it again to make it darker, I had him go over a color that I didn't like and add a shadow under it.

I knew I wanted something on my neck, but wasn't sure what. The poppy idea came to me a couple days before. lol