Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 1 Week 4

Oh. Holy. Cow!

The past 3 weeks have been pretty *easy*
compared to this week.

The past 3, you or I (whomever)
would walk and jog the same amount of time
give or take 30 seconds.

This week tho -
Walk 5
Jog 5
Walk 1.5
Jog 3
Walk 2.5
Jog 3
Walk 1.5
Jog 5
Followed by a 5 minute cool down (walk).

Barely time to catch your breath after every jog.
But, I DID IT!
I even made the last 5 minute jog...I made that 10 minutes!
Shut yo mouth!

2.1 miles


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