Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 years later...Katrina

This is not going to be a blog about New Orleans, because frankly...I dont care about New Orleans. Not to be racist, but for the past 5 years it's always been about New Orleans. Very rarely do you see a come back story about Bayou la Batre, Al or Fairhope, Al or Gulf Shores, Al or Pensacola, Fl or Mobile, Al or Dauphin Island, AL or Biloxi, Ms or Pascagoula, Ms. The people from these cities and places in between put on their big undies and got to work, they didn't sit around waiting for a hand out. They did what was needed to do to get life back to 'normal'...Do Not get me wrong....they lost their share of residents too. Even after the BP oil was always about New Orleans...I want to shout out to all news media 'WHAT ABOUT THE ALABAMA AND MISSISSIPPI COAST?!?!?' but would it do any good. Seriously, my blood pressure rises when all I hear is New Orleans, New Orleans....New Orleans....F--- New Orleans!

Here are a few shots of Before and After...

The day before Katrina hit, hubs spoke to his dad on the phone (we moved to the PNW almost a year before Katrina hit..thats about 2400+ miles away form the MS/Al coast). So, hubs spoke to his dad...his dad being that he stayed during Fredric decided to rough it out (if you are from the south you drop the 'hurricane' part and just go with the name of the storm - everyone will know what you are talking about: Fredric, Camille, George, KATRINA). Aug 19, 2005 we got up and hubs was frantically calling his dad to tell him to 'leave, get out of town as fast as you's bad, it's a bad storm!' But, the warning didn't happen because all the phone lines where dead.

Over the next several days...hubs would go back to work and I would stay plugged into the computer listening and watching for any news from there (watching the local news stations and listening to the local radio stations down there).

We would try calling family and friends to see if anyone could get out and check on his dad --- but they couldn't, either all the roads were blocked off or there was no gas...Nothing.

It was a week that went by before we finally heard from his dad...a cousin found a way over to his house and got him out (Phew).

Much as I hate to watch/look at pictures of any and everything related to 9-11 (I enjoyed Remember Me, but after the ending....I wont see it again). As much as I hate things to do with 9-11, I also hate to see pictures or news or anything to do with Katrina.