Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall is in the air

...and with Fall comes beautiful colors, wonderful scents and HALLOWEEN!

I just LOVE Halloween, to me, it's the one time of the year to not be step out of reality.

Last night it popped into my head to create shrunken heads. I have made them before about 10+ years ago, ma helped me. At that time though, we made mini pinatas (using water balloons, flour glue and newspaper - painted after dry) this time however, I used polymer clay (I love this have an idea and in just a few moments you can have it right there, for everyone to see and enjoy).

To start, you need foil (foil is the base of most polymer projects...less time to cook; if the entire thing was made from clay it would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to cook).

Take the foil and smush it into a shape (depending on what you are going for), here I went with an egg-ish shape w/ spots for the eyes.

*Oh man did I luck up Sunday. All this clay and then some came from FreeCycle - at the time when I grabbed the clay I didn't know what I was going to make with it.

I've never used colored Premo I am not sure if the clay was just old or if it's always hard. I also don't do clay crafts enough to warrant a pasta machine nor all the cool little tools and gadgets that go along with polymer.

Here they all are in the middle of being cooked. I had to mix to make colors and then went from there. They are not realistic looking by any means.

(please do not judge the art station these are cooling's a mess!)
So here they are, they will eventually adorn a Halloween wreath (I got a few wreaths from that same FreeCycle and moss).

As you can see even Frankenstein can not avoid being shrunk.


Amber Rose said...

Those are so cool! What a great idea :D

PennilessCaucasianRubbish said...

SO Freakin' COOL. Really. You're amazing. I think my favorite part is that you got the supplies from Freecycle. Sweet!