Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moment of Silence

I wanted to take a picture of my collection (I also use them daily).

Setting them all up, just perfect like.

Below are the ones I have for trade/sell.

.......*sad*, I just bought this one yesterday ($.50) and I loved it! Good thing they don't cost much. It was a nice piece. An here hubs was worried last night that Sprout would break it (he was standing on it). *cries a little on the inside*


kimar9791 said...

I've just started collecting pyrex and your collection is lovely. I haven't had much luck at yard sales or thrift stores so I have been buying mine at antique malls. I saw an orange and hot pink set the other day but the price tag was carzy.

AmyC ~ said...

Yay! I luv this stuff!!! I dont want something that every other person owns (modern day store bought stuff).

You have to set rules. I Refuse to pay more than $5 per piece (I most often pay $.25-$3.99).

Thank You! Have fun hunting!